Best tips to create a landing page

9 septiembre, 2022
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9 septiembre, 2022 Agustina

Create a Landing Page

It is possible with the next universal and timeless tips, you can use them wherever you need, because the only thing that change is technology, not people’s mind 

1. Find the message that will attract more customers

The first thing is that you should know exactly where you stand in the market, comparing yourself with other competitors and understand the problems that people want to solve. 

It is not about appearance, it is about finding out the problems that people will pay to fix it, so you have to show that your product will solve that, once you have it clear, you are ready to attract potential customers.

2. Detected your buyer persona

It is about finding out which type of people would benefit the most and pay for the product. 

There are many ways to detected, and here are some examples:

  • First of all you have to think about who can benefit with your product, and who needs it., focus on selling to the one who will value it the most.
  • On the other hand, think about who is actually paying for the product, imagine that you have different niches, detect which one is the easiest to sell and will get the most value. 

Once you think about it and detect the niche,  you can already define who you are going to sell to and go to the next step.

3. How do you find the problems that people are interested in paying for?

In software products, it is supposed to be very useful, so the message to customers should be created to generate a picture of themselves using it and fixing their problems.

The main problem is that sometimes you don’t know how to explain the problem, so you don’t convert. 

As a landing page creator, it is necessary to find the problems worth fixing from the perspective of the customer if you want them to picture themselves getting results from it.

4.How to detect customers needs?

Customers often express their dislikes or needs, so pay attention, learn and in some cases improve the product . Look references it in places like: 

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Product reviews: To find the good reviews and the bad ones, To check if your product could fix it. 

Calls:  review the questions people had, their objections, the terms they use and even ask specific questions to get more information.

The FAQ: it could be frequent questions. 

Comments:  Read it from articles, videos, or other content

Bestsellers: Loot at the best sellers, regarding a certain problem, and their table of contents, Understand what are the things that people complain about and what are the results they want.

Competitors analysis: reviews, comments, or anything that will help you to get more information. 

5. Turn problems into benefits

Once you understand and have clear the things that people are willing to pay for, and know who your buyer persona is, explain the problem, and solve it before describing the solution. Explain it as the opposite of the problem and then using the benefits, to tell customers how good the problem is. 

Objections are a couple of questions that people will have related to their buying process that needs to be answered, if not customers will not convert, At the time of the explanation, don’t try to be smartest as customers,  because if they know more, they probably will not pay for your product to solve their problem. It is your job if you can clarify their situation better than others.

6. Landing page structure

1: TITLE:  what does the product do? then a description, and a CTA ( with a preview of the product). It is the first impression that your customer will have of your product. 

2: Show the logos of the companies that use your product, or some stats with numbers. Most of the time the logos of well-known companies are puted here. It gives confiance to customers, and they will think that your product is good. 

3: Explain the problem that the product solves, and what could happen if they try to fix it by themselves.  It is a great opportunity to remind customers how big their problem is, and how much money they are wasting by not fixing it. 

4: How does your product work? Show a short video or an image that explains better. It is the best part of the landing page to introduce your product.

5: What is unique about your product, what are the benefits or features it has that others don’t? . Answer some objections regarding how easy your tool is to use. 

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6: Use testimonials: Show the things that people write or say about your product.  

7: Show the CTA, again so people have the chance to convert before leaving the page. create a nice and convenient one, to capture those leads when they are ready or interested in taking action.  

8: Blogs or some extra information that let people stay much more time inside your page.

7. Define the copy

The headline approach: You have to focus on the goal of each section, you have to write a headline that captures leads attention. 

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Supporting the headlines: is the text below every headline, the only purpose of this text is to provide more context and more information about the headline. In this place you have to answer their objections or just frequent


Some words about pricing pages:  You want to encourage people to give it a try and keep them focused on the benefits before telling them the price. 


Free trial or demo are the best real value of your product, before showing the price. 

8. The pricing page 

Price anchoring: Compare your price with others.

Show the plans: Use a column as a layout and display all the plans, it is necessary to show all the benefits of that, they should be clear and the comparison too. One good tip is to explain the niche of every plan. ex:  Ideal for beginners.

Include FAQ: People will have a lot of questions about what is included in the plan.

Use references to improve the results: It is important to get references and learn from other good examples. 

Reference properly: Once you have all the content defined, start having another landing page as an example, to use it as a reference. 

9. Do you sell SaaS? 

Follow the next steps to create the best landing page for your product.

1:  Design the structure of your page

2: Use old answers to have content to attract customers’ needs. 

3: Define the titles for the subsections

4: Use Image use images to help you explain your points and to show the product

5: Finish the copy: Fill the text below the titles with something related, and use them to explain the context 

You don’t have enough ideas? don’t worry, there are a lot of references that you can use Instapage and if you don’t know how to write the copy click here 

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