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27 julio, 2022
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27 julio, 2022 Agustina

What is TikTok?

In recent years, it has become more popular as a social media platform, it is a great app for entrepreneurs and companies to share their content and reach a new audience. TikTok is unique in that it allows users to create short videos (15+ seconds or less) that can be shared with others on the app. This makes it a great tool to promote your business or products.

A few months ago TikTok created a paid app, where the most famous brands publicized their products. It is called TikTok for business, But to grow up into this app it is not necessary to waste a lot of money, you can earn organic followers, and show your products without pay, you need to be original. 

At the beginning of TikTok

This Douyin app, which means “shaking music” better known as TIK TOK, originated in China in September 2016, created by ByteDance in Beijing, making it all the rage worldwide.

This new social network became known for generating short videos of 1 minute or less, allowing you to create, edit and upload videos in «Selfie» format, applying special effects without requiring extensive editing skills.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

It automatically detects the user’s tastes and preferences, based on their searches, likes, comments, geolocation, trending songs, hashtags, and even those videos that you ignored or marked as negative. The main objective of this app is for the consumer to spend a lot of time inside it interacting.

Under the “For you” section, all the videos of interest are shown, the objective of the app is to not let you go to another platform since it is constantly projecting relevant content for you as a user. 

5 tips to improve your TikTok profile 

  • Use current content trends: Tik Tok algorithm promotes content aligned with the current trends because people want to see the freshest and most engaging content.
  • Don’t create long videos: In Tik Tok the time of the videos, ideal is 30-40 seconds. Too short, and the message can be unclear; too long, the viewer loses interest and may check out or move on before showing the essential information.
  • Post original content: It is important to create relevant and original content, to make a difference between competitors. By posting every day, you can collect feedback on what is effective, this will help you to find a design that works, doing marketing success.
  • Use subtitles: It also allows users scrolling without sound to access your message, creating an impression and preventing them from skipping the video. It also helps you to access people who have impaired hearing.
  • Add a call to action: If you have another social app, copy the link and paste it into the biography, this will give you the opportunity to increase your followers. Tik Tok has the bottom of Instagram, users click here and go directly to it.
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Follow these tips and more in our app 

How to use TikTok for your brand

A lot of popular bands are using TikTok to generate brand awareness and generate leads all over the world. This happens because it is easy to generate viral content. 

TikTok is a great opportunity to create fun videos or funny content to share with your audience or to create a new one if you are starting. This app is 90% used by teenagers, so you have to create content for them. 

There are some popular content creators that generate an audience in their location, they call themself micro-influencers, collaborating with them can be useful if you have a local brand because they have respect in their area.

The benefits of using TikTok and Instagram for your brand

We recommend you to use both, because a lot of people who use one app, use the other, and booths are connected.  Creating a video on TikTok is easy, so you can post it and then save it to show to your Instagram followers too. In just a few minutes you can upload to both social media and have more views. But in many ways both apps are similar, they help users to discover who to follow and which kind of content is trending, and oblige you to create content, in TikTok is just videos and Instagram gives you the opportunity to post images and videos too. 

The content generated by each platform is delivered to different age groups, so you have to pay attention to that and create different content or it depends on your marketing person. 

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5 examples of the most popular TikTok brands 


They have 120k followers around the world. On their account, they show their products, and shops, and show users how to create trendy looks. This brand creates content with very popular influencers, creates challenges, and invited its followers to post videos with the hashtag #LoveGUESS showing their looks or clothes they have.


It is a very popular brand in the world, it has 15.9 Million followers just on TikTok, The strategy was to create unique content for that app, they especially post short videos, with memes, comedy, and funny moments during some basketball games. Making your brand feel more personal gives users the feeling of friendship. 


It is one of the most popular fitness brands on TikTok, it has 3.7M followers. They posted funny videos with frequency, it motivated people who train, they do a great job seeing what is trendy on the platform, they use hashtags and inspire people to post videos of training or showing their body results. 

Cult Beauty: 

With 40.9k followers, they post product reviews by real customers, showing the behind-the-scenes and tutorial videos teaching people how to use their products, skincare advice and more. 


They have 26.8M of followers, with millions of views per video. They use the platform to promote new movies or series, they show some exclusive videos behind the scenes and some interviews with famous actors. 

They used to make some games inside the videos to interact with their followers increasing the engagement of the account.


The account has 534,1 k followers, They show their products by posting funny videos, and they use animals, and people to make humor. Challenges, dance, jokes, and reactions are some of the strategies of marketing that they use, and they are successful. 

How we can help you?

G2Rocket can help you to create and implement an effective TikTok strategy that gets results. We have a lot of experience working with TikTok brands. We will give you a content plan and a weekly follow-up.




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