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27 septiembre, 2022
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The goal of the use of multiple sales channels is to generate new customers. With the following strategies, you would have the ability to create your own that adapt better to your company.

How to Setting up a powerful Sales funnel

There are a lot of ways to improve your sales, but we recommend the following tips that we have already tested and give us positive results.

Book more meetings with our ideal customer profile.

  • Grab your leads attention on Linkedin
  • Spark a conversation with them via email, direct message, or call. 
  • Book a meeting with them and build a really valuable relationship

Challenge of multichannel campaigns:  

  • Complex to set up and stay efficient.
  • Not following the rules and getting penalized.
  • Using too many sales tools. 
  • Reporting is a time-consuming mess. 

Set up your sales funnels: Linkedin (Search posting content ), Facebook communities, and inbound marketing.

Increasing your ROI by defining your ideal customer profiles

Writing simple messages will result in higher response rates, increasing awareness of what content to believe and where to share it. Here are some tips to generate positive results when creating an advertising campaign.

How do achieve results?

  • Define your target, why is it key to define it? Increase your conversion rates. Once you have defined it, it will become easier to create your communication when you know who you are talking to and creates a network effect.  People always will buy products or services that are specifically targeted to them.
  • How can you practically build an ICP? Use Facebook communities to show your ideas and ask people to comment if they are interested. See what kind of questions people ask.  Understand the doubts of your customers, and ensure that our product is meeting their needs.
  • Use your existing clients to find new ones: It will help you to find new ones, with zero cost, and very little time spent. This could be possible with the use of Linkedin.  Analyze clients’ profiles, check out their titles and job description, which company they are working for, and where they are located. Look at the values of the company, the mission, objectives, etc.  Look at the content they upload or share.
  • Personas framework to use: Use the persona to target, and understand why they are. Look at the persona who is unique to your company, and identity.
  • Identify your tiers. Which targets will be the most profitable and where you should be spending most of the time, but not all persona characteristics are used as criteria for databases. Example of TIER: Teams under 15 people in their sales team
  • Key takeaways: Building personas is the best way to boost your conversion rate and to allow your entire team to know WHO is your ideal customer. Having everyone aligned on WHO you are targeting is a key component of success.


Keeping your emails out of the spam folder

  • To start this process, it is important to know that email deliverability is the ability of your emails to land in the primary tab, where the objective would see it. and is not going to go into the spam box.
  • Domain reputation: Every domain name has an associated reputation, and it depends on the email format, consistency, complaint rate, and blacklist. 
  • Our recommendation is to have a dedicated domain for sales, in which you are in a hyper-growth phase with your startup, you have a big sales team and you are starting out with cold email. 
  • Another tip is to prepare your email to send a lot of them, why? because sometimes a new email address can get penalized, and when your domain has just been bought, you should warm it up. 
  • When you start to send a lot of emails for your marketing campaigns, the goal is to receive as many replies as possible, and try not to deliver too many cold emails, because as we said, you can get penalized. 
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 Structure of your cold emails

A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. The objective is to catch the attention of your selected customer to create a relationship and offer a product or service.

Creating one is not difficult, but we recommend following the next structure to create an effective email:

  • Subject line: They are important because connecting with a lead motivates people to read the rest of the email.  Make it the most relevant as you can. 
  • Intro line: Try to catch your readers, start the mail by saying something that they have never expected, and feel curious about what you are expressing. Use tags to create a unique sentence for your prospect. 
  • Your pitch: Focus on connecting their needs to your solution and spark interest in your prospects. 
  • Call to action: Explain the next step to your reader, so they can express their interest.  For example: have a call 


The importance of Linkedin and what content works the best on this platform:

There are a lot of ways to do post on Linkedin, one of it is doing an only text post in which you write about something relevant about your startup. On the other hand the images post, the objective is to show an image that doesn’t need to explain the story behind it.  The pictures should be bright and overall, catch the attention of your leads. 

Another way to potentially reach accounts is through video posting, aiming to get people to stop traveling and pay attention to your content.

What can you write about? 

  • Tips and tricks
  • Lessons learned 
  • Failures
  • Personal experiences
  • Behind the scenes
  • Case studies 
  • Industry news

Coming up with content ideas is not too easy, so there are some tips that you can use when you don’t know exactly how or what kind of content to share with your audience.

  • Make a list of topics that you are interested in 
  • Detected what you know that you can teach to others
  • Share something you already know about
  • Keep track of what you learned every weak 
  • Find topics that should impact your niche. 


Create visibility in your post:

React to industry experts’ posts, with meaningful comments and create a question that invites others to interact with you, and answer with them. 

Create visibility in your profile:

  • Builds trust from the beginning 
  • Gives a clear vision of who you are, what you do, your mission, and more relevant information that allows people to meet you better. 
  • Helps to achieve your objectives. 


Remember!  you have just a few seconds to catch your lead’s attention, so make sure to create a good impression based on your picture. 

The image of you that people will have, depends later in which way they perceive you, If they will accept your message or not, and if they will send you a connection request or not. 

The profile picture is the most seen element of your page, so you have to pick it wisely if you want to attract more people to your page and increase your chances to create more leads, Booked meetings, and business opportunities, and grow your branding.

One tool that will help you to create a good profile picture is   and 

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Call your Leads

Prepare properly to receive and make calls in your brand, with your objective people.  The goal of a cold call is to book a meeting with the prospect and spark some interest. 

Before a call, you should be prepared, and first of all, generate a list of qualified leads because people don’t want to receive calls from others offering them things that they don’t need.  Then research eliminates time to waste.

Tactics to use during the call:

First of all, you shouldn’t sell right off the bat and don’t ask simple questions just to speed up the call, and not try to sell to gatekeepers instead of talking with the right people. Don’t forget to take notes, if not you would forget what you have talked about.  

  • Don’t ask too many yes or no questions, ask some that your lead will want to give detailed answers to.
  • Don’t speak quickly, because talking too fast and formal will create a sense of nervousness. 
  • Don’t be afraid to try unique approaches, 
  • Record your calls
  • don’t take customers’ answers personally, If you lose nothing bad will happen, you just try again until you succeed.
  • Be dynamic, not boring
  • Make it straight and to the point but don’t rush
  • Before calling your lead it is important to make sure that you have good information, you can get easily from their Linkedin profile.  It is important to call them by their name, it gives a sense of friendship.
  • Use SALES NAVIGATOR to find prospects who used to work for a company that is or it was a client of yours. 
  • Make questions that you know that will be a yes, to make it easier for them to say yes to the next step,  for example: Do you mind if I ask?
  • Show your prospect that you have already looked at them on their profile and congrats on their achievements.
  • Ask for time, and control if they want to listen to you. 
  • Include relevant results for your prospects so they can see the solution to problems they actually have. 
  • Say all the important points back to them this helps you to be actively listening and gives a sense of trust. 

Once you have the attention of your lead, meet a call, and confirm the time. send the invitation and get them to accept it during the call. For example, I’m sending you the invite, do you mind accepting it now? This way the invite doesn’t get lost in their inbox.


Don’t spam your leads:

If lead objections aren’t actual concerns for your product, show them that you can give proof of someone else that had this concern and how it worked out for them.  Another way to handle objections is to be super upfront and challenge them.

If a lead answers that they don’t want to listen to you, you can ask if it is because you have something that is working for you or because you hate cold calls. and ask what kind of things you think about us. At the end of every call, don’t forget to be grateful to your customers for their time. 

After a call:

  • Detected how many calls you do 
  • How effective were 
  • If the calls were not as positive as you think, go back and analyze all the records and all the notes that you have written, to check the things to change. 
  • If people don’t accept meets, retarget your objectives. 


Key takeaways

  • Build relationships based on personalization and relevance. 
  • The key is to be sure to use the proper delay of each message, Call, or email. 
  • Use Linkedin to establish a connection before reaching out.  This can be anything from scrapping page followers to seeing who liked a post that fits with your target audience. 


Leverage Marketing Agency knowledge

G2Rocket can help you to create and implement an effective strategy that gets results. We have a lot of experience working on the multi-channel sales strategies

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